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Despicable: LA Times’s Robin Abcarian’s Coverage of Trayvon Martin case

How desperate are some journalists to paint George Zimmerman as a racist murderer of Trayvon Martin, no matter how weak the evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt? Consider the despicable conduct of Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian.

While musing today whether police are helping Zimmerman’s defense, Abcarian asks her readers this question:

If, on the night he put a bullet through Trayvon Martin’s heart, Zimmerman is heard telling a police operator, “These … always get away,” does that demonstrate the ill will, hatred or spite required for a second-degree murder conviction? [Ellipsis in original.]

What word did Zimmerman use to describe Martin that was so foul as to be unfit for the eyes of Abcarian’s readers?

Guys. That’s right: “guys.” Zimmerman told police officer Doris Singleton “These guys always get away.”

The shameless Abcarian wanted her readers to use their imaginations to fill in the blank with a racial epithet. But unless I am completely out of touch with colloquial speech, “guys” is not a racial epithet, and those who use the word betray no signs of bigotry.

Why it is so important to Abcarian to portray Zimmerman as a racist, I know not. But I do know that this cheap stunt makes Abcarian a…journalist.